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Hindi Kana Mag-Iisa (Sept 5 2012) GMA 7 is another popular hit Pinoy Drama / TV Series Hindi Kana Mag-Iisa Episode GMA 7

2 Parts

Part 1
Part 2
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Hindi Kana Mag-Iisa (Sept 5 2012) GMA 7Watch Hindi Kana Mag-Iisa (Sept 5 2012) GMA 7 Online.

Hindi Kana Mag-iisa is another tv series in GMA 7. The series tells the story of Elisa, who at a very young age, learned and experienced all the hardships in life. Because of the trials young Elisa endured, she has no self-confidence and doesn’t trust people immediately because she feels that the people she loves will always leave her. Elisa is scared of falling in love because she doesn’t exactly know how to love someone since she never experienced it yet.
However, all these will change when she meets and gets to know her younger sister, Angelica who is mentally challenged. At first, Elisa is hesitant and can’t feel any love or affection towards her sister because she believes that their mother left her to have a better life and chose Angelica over her. But eventually she learns to care and love her sister.
Andrew will play an important role in Elisa’s life. Andrew falls for Elisa. He’ll help and teach Elisa to outgrow her insecurities, fears and worries when it comes to love.
From all the trials and challenges Elisa went through – from the time her mother left her, being mistreated by people around her, being an employer in the new family of her own mother, up to the time when her sister is forcibly taken away from her – Elisa needs to be strong and tough not just for herself but most especially for her sister, Angelica.
Elisa will do anything to protect, defend and fight for her sister but one secret will change everything.

Hindi Kana Mag-Iisa (Sept 5 2012) GMA 7 is another episode to watch online. Enjoy watching!

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