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My Beloved (March 16 2012) GMA 7 is another popular hit Pinoy Drama / TV Series My Beloved Episodes GMA 7

4 Parts

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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My Beloved (March 16 2012) GMA 7Watch My Beloved (March 16 2012) GMA 7 Online.

My Beloved – a new GMA 7 tele drama. The tale begins when Sharina’s happy life turns upside down when her father, Romeo (John Arcilla) died. Left all alone with nothing and no one to care for them after her mother eloped with another man, Sharina (Marian Rivera) and her younger sister Monica (Jennica Garcia) must now live and work under the strict rules of their wicked aunt Elsa (Chanda Romero) and her daughter Ginella (Saab Magalona).
Life has been unbearable for the two sisters, but Sharina does not give up in despair. Instead, she strives to get an education through the help of Lily (Rio Locsin), a kind-hearted teacher who treats Sharina like her own daughter.
Tragedy strikes Sharina’s world once again when Lily passed away. Much to her surprise, Lily entrusted her small business including her house to Sharina. So, together with her sister Monica, Sharina decided to move in to Lily’s house and start a new life.
One day, Sharina sees Lily’s old painting of a man inside her ancestral house. She also gets hold of Lily’s diary and learns of her encounter with a man who saved her from an accident. Lily fell in love with this mysterious guy and waited to be reunited with him until her last breath.
Completely intrigued with the identity of the good-looking man on the canvas, Sharina could not get the face of the man out of her mind and it repeatedly haunts her dreams every night. Until she meets an accident and Sharina finally comes face to face with the mystifying being in the painting. The man saves her from death and Sharina kisses him before he disappears.
In the divine realm of angels, one strict rule applies to every “sundo” (angel of death) — that no one can fall in love with a human being. In such case, Arlan (Dingdong Dantes) has freely chosen to give up his immortal state when he genuinely kissed Sharina back.
Meanwhile, when Sharina wakes up, she searches for her rescuer and falls in love with him. Unknown to her, the man in the painting and her rescuer is one and the same.
But by a startling twist of fate, Sharina and her “mystery” man’s paths will entwine as she meets Benjie (Dingdong Dantes), a playboy and a member of small-time syndicate. The angel Arlan, who has been punished and banished to earth to become a mortal, transfers his soul into Benjie’s body and has equally fallen in love with Sharina. Now, Arlan must live a life of a mortal, and redeem himself to go back to heaven.
As Sharina yearns to be united with her mystery man, she will face many struggles after discovering his real identity as a thief and gangster. Now trapped into Benjie’s body, Arlan must learn how to feel human emotions and endure the day to day life of a normal human being.
Now that the two destined lovers are reunited, how will Sharina accept the truth about Benjie’s violent and shady past as a criminal? How will the fallen angel Arlan cope with his newfound life as Benjie, as he deals with the various temptations and struggles of being a human being?

My Beloved (March 16 2012) GMA 7 is another episode to watch online. Enjoy watching!

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