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The Good Daughter (May 28 2012) GMA 7 is another popular hit Pinoy Drama / TV Series The Good Daughter GMA 7

5 Parts

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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The Good Daughter (May 28 2012) GMA 7Watch The Good Daughter (May 28 2012) GMA 7 Online.

The Good Daughter – a new drama series from GMA 7. Bea (Kylie Padilla) seems to have the perfect life — having a family who adores and provides her every needs. But everything’s change when Sharon (Alicia Mayer) and her ten-year-old daughter Julia (Angelie Nicole Sanoy) appear at her 18th birthday party and introduce themselves as her father’s (Raymond Bagatsing) second family.
Distraught, Tina (Glydel Mercado), Bea’s mother, leaves the venue of the party in tears and unfortunately meets an accident when an explosion takes place in the building, which also puts at risk Sharon and Julia.
While Tina agonizes in pain, Sharon sees this as a chance to replace the former in Rico’s life leading her to kill Tina. As Bea weeps for her mother’s demise, she puts the blame on her father, who is then being pressured by Sharon to marry her or else she and her daughter will leave the country for good. Rico, torn between Bea’s disapproval and the possibility of building a new family with Sharon, eventually gives in to Sharon’s demands.
As Sharon assumes the role of Rico’s new wife, her true colors reveal as she mistreats Bea behind Rico’s back. Feeling helpless and alone more than ever, Bea runs away from home and travels to her grandmother’s province.
However, as Bea begins to find comfort in the arms of her Lola Lourdes (Luz Valdez), she discovers that her father is gravely ill and that Sharon has started to take over the company. More than that, she uncovers more of her stepmother’s evil deeds, including the real reason why her mother died, prompting her to return home and reunite with her father.
As she comes to face with the woman who has done her family wrong, how will Bea protect her father and the business that is also rightfully hers? Can peace still be restored in a home that was once shattered by dishonesty and spite?

The Good Daughter (May 28 2012) GMA 7 is another episode to watch online. Enjoy watching!

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