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Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009) is another popular hit Thail/ Movies

8 Parts

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
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Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)Watch Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009) Online.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story is a Thai romantic comedy film. On Ped’s (Panisara Pimpru) wedding night, her close friend, Mei li or Li (Cris Horwang), had drunk too much wine and had fallen asleep in Ped’s hotel room. Li woke up in the early hours, she drove back to her home however she had a car accident on her way and this was where she met Loong (Theeradej Wongpuapan). When Li arrives home, her family scolds her, and her father forbids her to drive, so Li has to go to work by public transport.
One night, Li wakes up in the middle of night and goes to the roof of her house. She accidentally catches her maid and her boyfriend, who are also on the roof. Her maid’s boyfriend calls his ‘elder’ (responsible adult), who turns out to be Loong. Li next meets Loong again at a BTS Skytrain station. This time Li accidentally breaks Loong’s sunglasses. Li buys a replacement pair of sunglasses and writes her number on the box. She arranges to ‘bump into’ Loong to give him the new sunglasses. After waiting for Loong to call, Li goes to a video rental shop that Loong visits regularly. Li’s neighbor, Plern, uses a trick to get Loong’s mobile number, but later goes to work at the same video store instead of giving Loong’s number to Li. As revenge, Li uses Plern’s mobile to send messages to Plern’s three boyfriends, inviting them all to the store at the same time. Loong comes into the shop, and accidentally drops his laptop.
Feeling responsible, Li take Loong’s laptop to Ped’s husband, but he can’t fix it. Li goes to return it at the BTS office. When Loong finishes work, he finds Li, and they ride the BTS to get home. Loong decides to throw away the laptop and its bag. Li picks the bag up out of the garbage bin and takes it home. There are many things inside, including film negatives. Li has the film printed, and finds there are pictures of Loong with Kob Kavita (Taksaorn Paksukjareon), an actress in “Saint’s Tear”, a popular television series. The photo printing shop owner posts the pictures on the internet, as they are of a famous actress.
Li meets Loong again on a skytrain, and tells him that the pictures might have been published because of her, but Loong doesn’t mind. Loong tells her that Kob is his ex-girlfriend, and they broke up because their time schedules didn’t match. When the skytrain arrives at Ekkamai Station, Li suggests that they watch the stars at the Bangkok Planetarium and see an exhibition about a comet that will be appearing soon. Li asks Loong to watch the comet with her in Bangkok. Later, before the Songkran holidays, Loong asks Li to come celebrate by throwing water.
During the Songkran festival, Plern joins them. Li doesn’t enjoy the festivities because of her. Li knows Loong’s address, which is a guesthouse next to Chao Phraya River. Li changes her clothes and goes to see Loong, and finds him asleep. Li falls asleep next to him. After she wakes up, Loong asks her to travel around Bangkok. Loong asks Li to come to family day at the BTS, as he can take her into the depot. Loong takes pictures, but Li damages the camera.
On the family day visit, Li finds out that Loong is leaving in two days time to spend two years studying in Germany. They say goodbye on the Taksin Bridge. Loong sends Li a box when he arrives in Germany. Inside is the mirror from her car from when they first met, the damaged sunglasses, Bangkok Planetarium tickets, and the damaged camera, with the memory card still inside. Li looks at the pictures. She rushes to Suvarnabhumi Airport to try to stop Loong, but she is too late. On that day, the comet orbits to the earth. Loong watches the comet from on board his plane, while Li watches it as well.
Two years later, while going to work one evening, Li accidentally meets Loong on a BTS Skytrain. Loong works a day shift and has been back in Thailand for a few months. Both get off the Skytrain at Siam station, which is the interchange station between the Sukhumvit Line and the Silom Line. Li goes downstairs to change to a different line and doesn’t turn back to look at Loong. Li gets on her train, but the electricity goes out. Passengers call their friends or family to say the train has stopped. Li’s phone rings; it is Loong. He asks Li to again celebrate Songkran. Li replies that she is free for the holidays. When electricity comes back on, Loong is on the same Skytrain, standing next to Li. He tells Li that she has his number now, and to record it.

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